Monday, 16 July 2012

Smiles and sleep

As those first beautiful smiles take place I find myself more and more in love with my gorgeous baby girl.  With her I feel such a sense of unknown as her personality begins to emerge into who knows.  With George I was so excited about the next stage whereas now I feel how precious and irreplaceable each moment is, knowing how quickly each stage passes, I have no desire to rush any of it.  If I could have one wish in my life, it would be to bottle and save all the special moments of my life to view and treasure. But this is not possible, and it saddens me to think how these small but remarkable moments of life are too so quickly fogged memories.

Life is beginning to settle down as Ruby becomes more contented and focus starts to move to 'sleeping through the night'.  We have now had one of two 'good' nights with Rubes as she has gone more than 3+ hours. Last night I stroked  and smelled her gorgeous soft downy hair and traced the outline of her perfect button nose and soft cheeks and watched with a sense of total love and completion as she suckled away contentedly. It was then that I remembered how dissapointed I was when those regular night time wakings stopped so early with George. I really really missed him in the night.

There must be many other mummies who also delight in the beauty and perfection of those nightime moments, while it feels like the rest of the world is sleeping, except me and my bundle of wonder.  To me there is something magical about feeding by the moonlight and being part of such a special love that is shared by no other.  Clearly I may feel differently in 6 or 12 months time but, for now, I'm happy to cherish my night time cuddles with my glorious baby girl. 

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  1. They are bottled inside your heart and soul x